DeSpace: Product Overview and Why We Interested With It

What is DeSpace Protocol ?

DeSpace Protocol is a new breath of the DeFi industry supporting cross-chain multi-layer DeFi & NFT protocols, tokens, NFT cards, combined Governance (DAO), redesigned Yield Farming and NFT Mining. The goal of the project is to create a stable, intuitive, user friendly and secure platform for every user, as well as to create value for our NFT cards in our ecosystem. NFTs without any ecosystem can only serve as a speculative assets on the secondary markets.

DeSpace Protocol creates an ecosystem that brings value to the NFT cards. Users can increase their farming income via our NFTs. And each NFT has different power, this means that every new card will add more interest to your farming. The protocol works on the principle of layers analogous to layers of the solar system. Each new layer will complement the preceding layer, simultaneously revealing unknown and latent elements in the prior layers, thereby complementing each other. Each layer can be considered as a separate universe and functions independently.

DeSpace NFTs

Many DeFi projects have released their NFTs and used them to serve different purposes. However, a huge omission of all these projects is undermining the possibilities and ways of using NFTs, hence, NFTs are not meaningfully applied.

DeSpace Protocol has reworked how NFT cards are used, bringing huge opportunities which is better than the exisiting platforms that is based on tokens.

With DeSpace NFT cards you can:

  1. Yield Farm different tokens
  2. 2. Speed ​​up Yield Farm Mining

3. “Connect together “ NFT cards to increase mining power

4. “Connect together” NFT cards for more unique card

5. “Split” cards for token (based on the nominal value of the card in tokens)

And these are not all the functions that DeSpace NFTs will have.

At the start of DeSpace, there will be 1 NFT layer (NFT v.1) and most of the NFT v.1 will be given among the community, within four months, 2 more NFT layers will be launched (NFT v.2 and NFT v.3). DeSpace allows cooperation and plan to launch exclusive NFTs in collaboration with other projects (all cards issued in partnerships will be a new layer).

DeSpace Platform Applications

  1. Mining v.1 — This application will have Yield Farming for asset number 1 (which is $DES)

2. Tools — This application will have sub-items: Catalog, Mining, Splitting, My NFT.

3. Auction — This application will host exclusive NFT card auctions.

4. NFT Fair — this application will enable users to trade cards or initiate an auction. There will be separation of NFT by layers and grades.

5. Lottery — application for NFT cards lotteries.

6. Smeltery — This application will create new NFTs by “crossing” cards of different NFTs and DeFi “layers”

7. Mining v.2 — This application will have Yield Farming for asset number 2. More details will be made closer to the launch.

8. Referral Pool — This feature will accumulate part of the funds from the platform fees. These funds will be used as rewards for those who invite new users to DeSpace.

Why We Interested With DeSpace Protocol ?

We are strongly agree with one main goal of DeSpace, which is to rehabilitate the unfortunately misused NFT market to nudge it towards fulfilling its potential as a valuable digital asset. The team is developing a multifunctional NFT marketplace that is compatible with many other platforms of the like where users can purchase, sell, trade, and even stake NFTs. Users can particpate in NFT auctions and NFT lotteries based on certain platform events. The added bonus is that users earn DES whenever they complete any transaction.

DES is the utility, mining, and payment token for all of DeSpace Protocol’s products and services. Those who hold DES will get exclusive access to some of the platform’s products and services at a discounted fee rate. Also, given that DeChain Protocol is a combination of Proof of Transaction and Delegated Proof of Stake, for any user to successfully join the validators list and participate in staking, they need to own DES which will in turn bring more value in terms of accumulating more DES. Users have the right to do as they wish with DES tokens they acquire either through DPoT or through DPoS.

DeSpace Website I Twitter I Telegram

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Hawks Hunters is composed of an exclusive group of investors, builders, traders, and influencers focused on supporting and advising projects in the crypto and DeFi industry to help ensure their success and mainstream adoption.





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Hawks Hunters

Hawks Hunters

Early Gems Army.

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