Dinoland: Product Overview And Why We Interested With It

Dinoland is a unique Metaverse game that combines interesting game mechanics, adorable dinos, and the advantages of blockchain. Diverse content will entertain gamers and allow them to earn from their efforts while playing. The gameplay combines battle cards & turn-based games with a gacha mechanism.


Story : If you feel strange that a dinosaur is still alive, then you will be even more surprised and overwhelmed when participating in this legendary Dinoland world.
In the current era of mankind, dinosaurs are long extinct. However, there are adventurers who never accept the obviousness. They believe that dinosaurs still exist and are enjoying life peacefully somewhere on earth.
So over thousands of years, there have been countless explorations by men, and lately findings using satellite technology and hundreds of other modern advanced technologies in search of mysterious unexplored lands where humans cannot step their feet on.
However, no one ever knows that there is a land completely separate from the world, a land that cannot be reached and cannot be seen, a land that is always green and wide. It is called Dinoland.
In that land, deep in a mysterious undiscovered forest, hidden buried dinosaur eggs are slowly hatching.
Dinoland Game will bring you to the land of “genuine” Dinos. The dinosaur here have an adorable and friendly feature but don’t lower your guard — they all have full strength when fighting against the Monsters that attack their land.
The mission is to train your dinosaur to be the best and defeat Darkie Monsters to bring peace to Dinoland.

Let’s go!

$DNL CONTRACT https://bscscan.com/token/0x6B9481FB5465ef9Ab9347b332058D894aB09B2f6

Dinoland Gameplay

  1. Get Dino!

How do Dinos come to the World? Let’s collect eggs that are hidden deeply in the mysterious forest. There are 3 classes of egg and 1 lucky random egg:

  • Novis eggs (with red color and bring the power of Fire) contain Dino belonging to the Novis species
  • Aquis eggs (with blue color and bring the power of Water) contain Dino belonging to the Aquis species.
  • Terros eggs (with green color and bring the power of Trees) contain Dino belonging to the Terros species.
  • Lottery eggs will be randomly hatched into one of the three species above. They have more chance to get high rarity of Dino.

All Eggs take 6 hours to hatch. And you can Skip it by using token. Then hatch these eggs and greet the special new born baby Dino!. After hatching, your Dinos are ready to fight monsters immediately. However, they will need 7 days to become a mature Dino in order to Love.

If you do not want to get random Dino from eggs, you can also buy them from Dino NFT Market. It’s easy to choose your favorite.

2. Dinos Info

There are 3 Classes of Dino characters, each with its own unique characteristics.

  • Novis Class: The class represents the power of Fire with a huge source of strength. Novis Dino brings invincible attack power.
  • Aquis Class: The class represents the power of Water with a huge source of enduring vitality. After battles, Aquis Dino often has quick recovery.
  • Terros Class: The class represents the power of Trees with a huge source of defense.

Read More about Dino Class & Stats Here

3. Defeat Darkie Monsters Gang

There is a challenging journey ahead you when the King of Darkie Monster is ruling the land with his Monster army. Hurry, you need to recruit a Dino team then tame and train them hard to fight with Monster army. A chance for defeating equally divide between your Dinos. Try harder, get better!

Read More about Defeat Darkie Monsters Here

4. Love of Dinos

The greatest emotion for mankind is Love, and so it is for Dinos. Their love is not less strong as ours. Overtime, your Dinos are now mature and eager to love and express emotions.

Therefore, the Dinos Love feature was created. Dinos will fall in love and love will be crystallized into essences, which are “Eggs” created by Dinos Mom and Dad.

Let’s breed two of your Dinos to create new baby Dino with unique features in order to expand the Dino community in your land!

5. Battle Each Other

Fighting with enemies, Challenge Monster King, but Do you know how strong you are? Let your team land in an Arena called “Dinos vs Dinos”.​

Arena hosts one season every two weeks. Dinos from all over the world flock here with the strongest teams, fighting each other to identify the best. When the arena is over, teams which have the highest rankings will receive DNL as their reward.‌

Read More about Battle Each Other Here

Why We Interested With Dinoland ?

We believe that Dinoland is an exciting game that appeals to many different types of gamers, and that they are revolutionizing the decentralized gaming industry, and are proud to support Dinoland through our investment.

With our investment, we hope to accelerate growth in the decentralized gaming industry by bringing this revolutionarially play-to-earn game to market.

About Hawks Hunters

Hawks Hunters is composed of an exclusive group of investors, builders, traders, and influencers focused on supporting and advising projects in the crypto and DeFi industry to help ensure their success and mainstream adoption.




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