Firework Games: Product Overview and Why We Interested With It

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5 min readNov 8, 2021

About Firework Games

Firework Games is a decentralized self-developed launching platform of blockchain games, aims to provide feasible ways for gamers worldwide to participate in blockchain games, as well as developing a bridging interface from traditional games to blockchain games. Their visions are to connect and lower the difficulty for beginner developers to start their journey in blockchain games, and to offer assistance for the transition of traditional game industry to evolve into blockchain based games.

Firework Games will launch several games in the future. In the settled
worldview framework, you can experience multi-dimensional and multi-genre game models, including but not limited to the applications for AR and VR technology, thus to improve the gaming experience. All Firework Games’
games will share the same tokenomics, eliminating the token trading barriers
among different games. They will maintain the vital rights and interests of game developers and gamers, enabling each role within the platform ecosystem to gain sustainable and robust revenues.

FIREWORK GAMES is currently developing a variety of games. Among them, a role-playing massively multiplayer online global metaverse game (MMORPG) based on the interstellar background-“SPARK ERA”.

About Spark Era

SPARK ERA is a self-developed Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game(MMOARPG) by Firework Games, as well as a global metaverse game based on an interstellar background. Focusing on blockchain technology development, the game ecosystem construction is prompted with GameFi and NFT game sovereign assets at its core.

In SPARK ERA, on the background of cruel camp confrontation guided by the Dark Forest Law, gamers can play the role of star citizens of different races, pilot over 1.000 kinds of ships, explore over 20.000 galaxies and over 100 million planets. You can freely match your ship lineups, join the legion guild, and participate in interstellar wars to win glory and get seasonal rewards.
The game includes: the construction and upgrade of starship, interstellar
commerce, NFT empowered mineral collection, NFT card battle, planetary
auction, star port construction, real star exploration and strategic confrontation under Dark Forest Law, etc…

SPARK ERA will promote the construction of GameFi ecosystem on the basis of cruel camp confrontation under Dark Forest Law.
Every piece of interstellar history in SPARK ERA will be created by gamers.

Interstellar journey “SPARK ERA”

SPARK ERA” is developed based on blockchain technology, combining both GameFi and NFT gaming assets as the core to advance the ecological construction of the game. In “SPARK ERA”, players will play the role of star citizens of different races based on the cruel faction confrontation under the law of the “Dark Forest”.

Bridge reality and into the virtual metaverse.

In “SPARK ERA”, the rich game design and logically rigorous background environment construction allows global players to maximize the thrill of immersive NFT games. Compared with the current blockchain GameFi and NFT games on the market, “SPARK ERA” has many natural advantages.

Top international game production team

As the first self-developed game of FIREWORK GAMES, relying on the advantages of an international development team, each team member has more than 10 years of game production experience, many of whom have participated in dozens of companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Tencent Games, NetEase Games, Ubisoft, etc.

All SPARK ERA NFT assets have the worldview of the four factions and their ethnic characteristics. Every faction also has its own special abilities.
NFT cards are the core assets in SPARK ERA. It is an important role in SPARK ERA: Origin, providing enhancement for players’ mining activities, instanced dungeon battles, and random universe events.
All SPARK ERA’s NFT cards will have unique appearance attributes which bring various computing power bonuses. This includes possible NFT game assets such as hero cards, weapon cards, equipment cards, property cards, and skill cards.
The loot box is a core NFT game asset of SPARK ERA. It plays an important role in SPARK ERA: Origin, providing enhancement for players mining activities, dungeon battles, and random universe events
nterstellar pets will greatly improve the mining efficiency of players.


In the SPARK ERA plan, the entire game will undergo three versions of iterative development and gameplay increase.

V1: SPARK ERA: Origin: Open the box or buy NFT cards, provide early open registration of Loot NFT, random cosmic events, stories and factions battles to improve the overall combat power of players’ level and their spaceships.

V2: SPARK ERA: Revelations: The dual-token economic model and TCG cards RANK ranking competition, land/planet auctions, and other 3D updated contents.

V3: SPARK ERA: Eternal Galaxy: Full on Interstellar warfare under the law of “Dark Forest”. In the V3 version, players can experience a rich and complete metaverse game world, freely explore in the endless 3D galaxy, Players will be able to enjoy gameplay and receive monetary gains throughout the SPARK ERA Trilogy.

Play to earn

When DEFI integrates the asset chain into the game in the form of encrypted tokens, players truly enjoy the joy of “Play to Earn”.

“SPARK ERA” is based on the economic model under the law of the Dark Forest, a brand-new metaverse for players. By using FIREWORK platform to bridge between virtual and reality, giving players an exciting galactic experience. At the same time, players can gain game revenue through NFT empowered mining, NFT card battles, planet auctions, and in the promotion of of the metaverse interstellar exploration, to achieve “Play To Earn”.

Why We Interested With Firework Games ?

Firework Games is making monumental moves in the NFT gaming space. They are not only creating their own unique game and NFTs but are opening their space to external based NFTs. Spark Era is the first project to not only generate the idea but to successfully accomplish it and Hawks Hunters couldn’t be more proud to be their partner!

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