Gamesta Guild: Product Overview And Why We Interested With It

About Gamesta

Gamesta will enter the guild & scholarship Game-Fi arena to provide training, management and support to chosen talent from developing and under-privileged countries, assisting entry to platforms that would otherwise be financially out of reach. Other areas of business will include the acquisition of in-game assets (NFTs), game development, community building, staking and VC investing into new projects.

In essence, Gamesta is a crypto gaming fund where the tokens provide exposure to the assets and allow you to benefit from the team’s experience and know-how with regards to maximising yields on digital gaming assets.

To explain the details of how the Gamesta and token sale will work, Gamesta has written a whitepaper. We have identified some major concepts introduced in the white paper that give the reader an understanding of what makes Gamesta unique and what they plan to accomplish.

1. NFT’s

As they increase the XP of an asset, its value increases, meaning players are incentivized to spend time in the game, cashing out by selling their assets whenever they wish.

2. Token Dynamics

These tokens provide utility, and therefore value to the players that earn them.

3. Empowerment

That means players from under-privileged countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, & Thailand can make relatively high full time incomes from playing the games.

4. Scholarships

Scholarships such as Gamesta’s enable the distribution of these assets to players that can use them in game in exchange for a profit sharing model.

About $GSG Token

Technical Roadmap

Gamesta NFT’s — Black & Platinum GAMEX Cards

Pricing & Availability

These limited edition NFTs which will entitle you to a range of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Tenfold Increased voting weight in The DAO.
  • Access to ‘inside information’ on upcoming sales and events procured by our team of researchers and network of partnerships20% uplift in staking rewards
  • Access to beta test games
  • Access to Gamesta VIP Real World Events
  • Access to early stage private round allocations
    through our network of launchpads
    and IDO platforms
  • Early access to our Gamesta Metaverse Gallery

Coming Soon : Gamesta NFT Gallery Metaverse

Why We Interested With Gamesta ?

We’re proud to partner with such an innovative project and to be able to help Gamesta push blockchain gaming to new levels.

About Hawks Hunters

Hawks Hunters is composed of an exclusive group of investors, builders, traders, and influencers focused on supporting and advising projects in the crypto and DeFi industry to help ensure their success and mainstream adoption.




Early Gems Army.

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