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Vault Hill aims to create a metaverse called Vault Hill City (VHC) — a collection of virtual shared space including the sum of all virtual worlds and the Internet. In VHC, users can interact with computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other users. We believe eXtended reality (XR), a mix of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality is at the forefront of enhancing human experiences whilst leveraging the power of blockchain, artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies.

This supports the innovation of Web 3.0. VHC proposes to build the first extended reality metaverse focusing on themes of the basic human instincts, such as curiosity, vision, community, idealism, vitality, romance, and imagination. In building this, we are starting with the infrastructure of the metaverse, which is virtual real estate and a product — Virtual land ($VLAND), a nonfungible token (NFT). The virtual real estate will be designed using urban planning to give developers and users a sustainable and dynamic experience

How Vault Hill Works ?

In Vault Hill City, users can explore the virtual world, build edifices, play games, and interact with other users. Vault Hill City will have the 1st virtual world with urban planning and development benefits to ensure users build on their lands respectfully.

A Human Centric Metaverse

When you think of the metaverse, most people think of a place for gamers to experience fun and lawless worlds where anything goes. At Vault Hill, we’re bringing to life a unique vision of the metaverse — one that is made for everyone.

Though Vault Hill is a place for limitless imagination, at our core, every touchpoint here enhances what it means to be human. In Vault Hill, the experiences you have compliment daily life in the real world, helping you understand others better, or helping you to better understand or express yourself.

Focused on 7 basic human instincts, designed using urban planning principles. At Vault Hill, every element of Vault Hill metaverse is CONSTRUCTIVE.



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Hawks Hunters AMA Recap With Vault Hill


Hawks Hunters Club : Good day to everyone present here. We’re excited to host this AMA session with Vault Hill. A special thanks to @oyincomms for being here with us today. @oyincomms is the Communications Specialist of VaultHill. Great to have you with us today. Let’s start with Introductions about the project and the team…

Oyin | VAULT HILL : Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here today. I am Oyin, communications specialist at Vault Hill.At Vault Hill, we are building a human-centric metaverse — an extended reality blockchain-based metaverse designed to make you feel more human.

The Vault Hill consists of an ecosystem comprising of the Vault Hill City (VHC) which is the metaverse, the NFT marketplace which will be fully decentralised, avatars with wearables and XR consulting. Our goal is to humanise technology through the creation of a constructive metaverse that focuses on the basic human instincts which allow users, content creators and developers to explore their unrestricted creative freedom whilst monetising their creation in our secure ecosystem.

Basically, in our metaverse, you will be able to design your own unique experience; explore your fantasies as well as enjoy activities you do in the physical world such as interacting with other users, attending events, playing games, curating arts, and so much more.

Our team consists of intelligent and notable individuals with extensive experience in XR and AR, some of which have been recognised nationally and globally. We are very deliberate about hiring the best people to accelerate the metaverse development.

Hawks Hunters Club : Thank you for your answer and apologies if I take time in asking the next question. That’s a lot of info to digest at once 😅

The idea of designing our own experience seems very enthralling

Hawks Hunters Club : My next question is, How would you define the space/domain of Vault Hill, since it is new and unfamiliar to a huge majority?

Oyin | VAULT HILL : Haha no worries. Pls take your time to digest and ask any follow up questions you have. That’s why we are here

The metaverse is no doubt a new concept to a lot of people. The Vault Hill platform is basically an extended reality (XR) blockchain-based metaverse — which is an immersive 3D virtual environment where users can create fun experiences, purchase and trade virtual assets and services using cryptocurrencies which gives virtual items real economic value.

The blockchain technology allows decentralisation which gives users more autonomy within digital spaces. This means that you have total freedom!

With that said, Vault Hill City is the first ever human-centric metaverse.

Oyin | VAULT HILL : The metaverse is designed in such a way that allows users engage in activities they currently do in the real world in an amplified form, while they can also choose to explore their fantasies through simulated augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR).

Oyin | VAULT HILL : That is, it will be a virtual world where users can enhance their human experience, and where they can acquire digital assets in form of NFTs.

Hawks Hunters Club : That’s nice. The more I learn about it, the more impatient I become 😬

Kudos to the ambition and the effort of the team. Now, We would like to know how long you have been developing Vault Hill and where are you currently standing along the roadmap?

Oyin | VAULT HILL : This is an intestesting question because with all we have achieved, it’s sometimes hard to believe that Vault Hill is less than a year old.

I must say that we’ve had such an eventful, exciting, and lesson-filled journey thus far. Right now on our roadmap, we are gearing up for the public sale of our native cryptocurrency, $VHC token. This is scheduled for January 10–14, 2022. Our initial land offering (ILO), that is, the public $VLAND sale will then commence shortly after.

Hawks Hunters Club : Note to all the investors: public sale happening soon😉

Also, seems like the process of building is as much fun as what is anticipated from the end product

Oyin | VAULT HILL : Absolutely!

Hawks Hunters Club : Keeping in mind how big and grand the project is, we believe you must have had your fair share of challenges. I hope you don’t mind sharing with us some of the biggest challenges that you faced

Oyin | VAULT HILL : Definitely! Our development journey has been really positive but as with any great project, we’ve had our fair share of obstacles that we were able to surmount through our resilience as a team at Vault Hill.

We’re lucky to have such a team filled with highly intelligent, hardworking and outstanding individuals who are proactive and wouldn’t bow to pressure. So when things were not going exactly the way we anticipate, our team was our greatest asset and we’re confident that there is no challenge we can’t conquer as we progress in the development of our human-centric metaverse.

Hawks Hunters Club : That’s good to know. The key to tackling all the challenges definitely lies in amazing teamwork.

Now for my next question , I hope you don’t mind getting into a bit more detail about the project and the elements within it — such as the land within the ecosystem, the space, what are the avatars for, etc. What are your mission and vision statements?

Oyin | VAULT HILL : I will start with Vault Hill’s vision and vision. Our vision is to revolutionise extended reality (XR) so that it enhances the human experience. We want to transform how people engage with XR. Instead of making us feel less human and less connected, XR technology can be used to make us feel more in tune with our emotions, and ultimately more alive.

Our mission is to create a constructive metaverse that focuses on the basic human instinct which allows for users, content creators and developers to explore their unrestricted creative freedom whilst monetising their creation on a secure ecosystem

As I earlier explained, we have the Vault Hill City (VHC), the NFT marketplace, avatars with wearables and XR consulting in Vault Hill ecosytem

Users can own a piece of the virtual world by buying the VHC virtual land; as well as own and transact with the native cryptocurrency of VHC, $VHC token. It is crucial to point out that the public sale of the $VHC token is fast approaching as it is scheduled for January 10–14, 2022 on major launchpads — SuperLauncher, Lithium, MaticLaunch, Kommunitas for the IDO (we are working to add more) and Coinsbit for the IEO.

On the other hand, the avatars serve as users’ digital identity in the metaverse and this must first be created in order to access and explore the Vault Hill metaverse. The avatars are customisable with unique and fashionable wearables and accessories.

There is also the VHC virtual land ($VLAND) that users can own through outright purchase or lease of any of the four land types available — standard, premium, deluxe, and exclusive land. A total of 10,000 piece of $VLAND are created across four islands and to be sold over a four-year period.

This is to ensure scarcity and adequate value creation for users and investors. Users have total creative freedom to decide what to build on their VLAND (in line with urban planning and development guidelines). These edifices on the VLAND could be cinemas, fitness studios, museums, libraries, photography schools, etc., and users get to monetise their creation. Businesses can also move their physical office into the Vault Hill metaverse and earn as users interact with, and patronise them.

The $VLAND has been split into four islands with each comprising of seven districts namely: District Omega (vitality) which represents the desire to thrive physically and mentally, to be calm, active, and to feel healthy; District Beta (play) represents the desire for fun, thrill, entertainment, and to de-stress; District Alpha (curiosity) represents the desire to learn, achieve, grow and be better; and District Pi (idealism) represents the desire for social justice, causes, what’s “right”.

Furthermore, District Delta (romance) represents the desire for intimacy, sex, beauty, and aesthetics; District Sigma (imagination) represents the desire to influence others, to change things, and to lead others towards a smarter way of living; while District Kappa (community) represents the desire for companionship, connection, relationships, community, and belonging.

Districts Omega and Beta, that is, Vitality and Play, will be the first two to launch!

Hawks Hunters Club : Well, I’m shaking with excitement after reading all of that. Now I truly can’t wait to chill out on my privately owned beach in Omega island while dating multiple partners in Delta wearing one of the aesthetic virtual wearables 😍

Oyin | VAULT HILL : Hahaha we also can’t wait for you to live your best life in the metaverse

Hawks Hunters Club : Moving on to the next question

Who are your competitors and how is Vault Hill better?

Oyin | VAULT HILL : A few meta projects like Somnium space, Decentraland, and Sandbox already exist. However, Vault Hill offer something so distinct from these other projects

We are the first ever human-centric metaverse that combines all aspects of users’ realities, and also embed the basic human functions and instinct in the design of the metaverse so that users can enhance their human experience with each visit.

This is our greatest differentiating factor. Unlike other projects just focus only on one activity such as gaming, or VLAND, at Vault Hill, users can do all these activities and more in one platform.

We are humanising technology by infusing human elements that enable users enhance their reality. The Vault Hill metaverse will not be where people visit to forget their existence or ‘escape’ their reality, but rather, it will be a place where they get to fulfil their innate desires, explore different aspects of themselves and overall, feel more human with each visit. The various product features in our metaverse have been designed to ensure this.

Likewise, Vault Hill is the first virtual world with urban planning guidelines and development benefits that ensure that users build on their $VLAND respectfully. All these qualities distinguish us from our competitors

Hawks Hunters Club : Too bad I was relying on Vault Hill to escape my reality. Guess I’ll be living in reality after all 😛

But that’s all so amazing to know, makes me go numb just from thinking about it

Oyin | VAULT HILL : You achieve better than escaping your reality — you can enhance your human experience

Hawks Hunters Club : Haha, agreed. My next Question is,

A brief about the tokens: what are their max supplies, their minting rates, how to earn them, and what all would each of them be used for? Also, what are their tokenomics

Oyin | VAULT HILL : The max supply of the $VHC token is 340,000,000 $VHC. The initial circulating supply from Airdrop and bonuses is 1,150,118 $VHC. Our preseed and private sale just recently ended and the token price was pegged at $0.02 and $0.03 USD respectively. Those who missed out on the private sale but would still like to hold the $VHC token can purchase some during the token public sale in January. Public sale price is $0.05 USD.

Team & advisor, pre-seed and private sale investor tokens are vested for 24months. The Founding team tokens have been vested for 36months.

In terms of what the token can be used for — the $VHC token can be used for purchases, and payments done in the $VHC token will enjoy a 40% fee discount.

It will also be used for reward distributions — users who provide liquidity for the $VHC/USDC pair on UniSwap and stake the resulting LP tokens, and those who make purchases on the platform will be rewarded. Likewise, content creators who list their NFT on the platform will also enjoy royalties from their creation.

Lastly, $VHC token owners will have the right to vote on policies and measures to improve the metaverse through a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). Think of it as your voter’s card.

Hawks Hunters Club : I hope I can some special discount. I plan on loading big 😉

Oyin | VAULT HILL : Your discount will be waiting for you😉

Hawks Hunters Club : Great. Another note to investors: Vault Hill has DAO😁

Oyin | VAULT HILL : That’s right!

Hawks Hunters Club : My next question is closely related to the previous one. As I understand, there would be a public funding round held, right? How can the investors participate as I believe a lot of people here must be interested too

Oyin | VAULT HILL : You’re absolutely right! We’ve had numerous investors show interest in our project as a result of its huge potential. We have secured investments from prominent blockchain venture capitalists such as Unreal Capital, R-930 Capital, Spring Dawn Ventures, Herd Ventures and we also had a successful pre-seed and private financing rounds that just ended as earlier mentioned.

A public $VHC token sale will definitely be conducted and it is in fact happening soon, it is scheduled for January 10–14, 2022 and it is structured as a staged approach with the Initial Decentralised Offering (IDO) first, followed by the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

We have partnered with eight (8) launchpads for the public token sale to provide and improve accessibility and security for early adopters.

So lock the date in your calendar and get your tokens once we announce

Hawks Hunters Club : Marked already! Can’t let this one go. Now, a bit about the usecases of Vault Hill: What all can Vault Hill as an ecosystem/platform be used for (e.g. gaming, socialising, etc.)?

Oyin | VAULT HILL : In the Vault Hill metaverse, users will be able to do everything they currently do in the physical world and much more. That is, users in the metaverse will be able to interact with others, build romantic connections, play games, improve health and wellbeing, curate art, buy virtual land, own NFTs, and transact on the secure platform using $VHC token or other crytocurrency of choice

Users will also be able to explore the seven districts in the metaverse I explained earlier.

Theres so much to do in the metaverse and we have already sealed multiple partnerships with brands to establish their virtual office in the metaverse. Ok, so an entire universe which can be considered pretty much an alternate reality! All those Sci-Fi movies are finally coming to life, it seems. Our emphasis is on having human-like activities. Things that resonate with you

Hawks Hunters Club : I’m already feeling it. Anyway, that was a brilliant session we had. I enjoyed learning about this platform a lot. Thanks once again for taking out the time to introduce us to your brilliant concept. Is there something you would like to share extra that we may have missed discussing before we can open the chat for the public?

Oyin | VAULT HILL : No, let’s hear from the public

Hawks Hunters Club : Here’s 3 selected question from twitter (

1. Question from @/HTh24720028 : “Where is the “VaultHill ” name coming from and what is the logo representing ?”

2. Question from @/borz_yaroslava : “Marketing strategy is very important. A product can be established on the market without marketing and promotion, whatever it is good. So what are your plans for this? How will you build strong relationships with communities?”

3. Question from @/Usdt017 : “What’s your plan to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?”

Oyin | VAULT HILL : 1. The Vault Hill logo is just the acronym of the company ‘VH’ designed in a creative way. There is not much story behind the name. It sounded good to our founder and here we are — Vault Hill

2. Effective marketing strategy is a must for the success of a project such as ours. We are heavily invested in promoting our products and achievements, as well as building an active community of potential $Vaulthillers.

It’s one of the reasons we are here. To tell you all about what we offer and what value it brings you as a user. We value our community feedback a lot and we incorporate this in the development of our metaverse

3. Our target audience is everyone enthusiastic about enhancing their human experience. This included both crypto-native and non-crypto natives. The mataverse is really easy to access and the product features do not require any expert crypto knowledge

As the metaverse is a new concept, it will intertest you to know that a lot of people in the space are just getting onboard the crypto wave. So dont be discouraged. The vault Hill metaverse doesn’t discriminate. It is for all!

Through AMA sessions like this, and other marketing efforts of ours, we will enlighten people and bring them into our metaverse

The use cases of a token is one of the major ways to improve its value. The $VHC token has several uses cases so its value will keep rising as activities go on in the metaverse. Also, the token will be burnt which will equally make it valuable

Audience 1 :

Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place?


Our platform is very safe and secure as all transactions within the Vault Hill ecosystem will be recorded on the blockchain and settled between Ethereum wallet. We passed our Smart Contracts and Security Analysis in an audit that was conducted by Hacken. The result confirmed that Vault Hill’s Smart Contracts are well-secured as no critical, high or medium security issues were found. This means that users and investors can safely transact on our secure blockchain platform.

We are launching the vitality and play districts first, we have signed multiple partnerships with health and fitness companies, as well as fashion brands. Some of them are: Today Fit (personal trainer company based in Hong Kong), London Bridge Sports medicine (Uk-based), Looks like a Good Man (African), Crivel (for digital watches), Wolf 3D (for avatar customisation), Gravity the Studio (an NFT fashion couture brand )

Audience 2 : Truly, you’ve done AMA in many telegram groups, so what next, what other way will you make your project more popular?

Oyin | VAULT HILL : The quality of our metaverse and your experience therein will be our ultimate marketing plan. Nothing beats testimonial and word of mouth referral, right?

Hawks Hunters Club : Right, so shall we call it a day, if you don’t mind?

Oyin | VAULT HILL : yes. follow us on socials

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Hawks Hunters Club :The pleasure was all ours. It was lovely talking to you. Kudos to the team, and we wish, with all sincerity, you all the best on your venture. May Vault Hill become the biggest Alternate Reality platform.

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